Mastery Playbook

The Mastery Playbook has been hand-crafted to form the core of your Personal Mastery regimen. It presents an interactive ready-reference for the users based on the Plug-and-Play (PnP) model.

From the moment you download and start going through it on any of your favourite devices you will be immersed in its experience. It is not just a book or guide for motivation and inspiration. It is an explicitly written, scientifically-proven and thoroughly-tested Human-Program. Hence, as you go through, you simultaneously program yourself for joy, well-being, excellence, and prosperity.


It empowers you to take the right actions effortlessly, and hence to operate your days magnificently to create a phenomenal life. It increases your focus, creativity, productivity and impact exponentially.

It works on an Inside-Out approach, thus changing you for better, right from your core. It starts by evolving your Consciousness, then it transforms your Mind and Body, while simulataneously aligning your Energy with your purposes. At the level of mind, it works by breaking the neuronal-circuits that cause negative characteristics and emotions such as laziness, anxiety, fear, depression, existential crises, and replaces these with the neuronal-circuits which boost productivity, calmness, fearlessness, self-worth, and contentedness.


It programs your mind to automatically make the right choices as per the decision-making principles which has been used by the greatest of the human minds in the history of the world. It makes your life structured and organised. It enables you to learn any subject or skill effectively at a very high speed.

It makes you a master at communication and negotiation skills, thus helping you in building meaningful human and public relationships. Also, it ingrains in you the art of building genuine and beautiful relationships with your partner, family and friends.


It programs your mind to naturally choose your passion as your work, and create excellence, prosperity and joy through it, while making phenomenal contributions to the betterment of the world.

The Mastery Playbook is a 50+ carefully crafted pages designed to fit seamlessly into your life. It is delivered to you in a universal file format (PDF) so that you can access it anywhere, anytime and on any of your devices.


The moment you wake up and start going through the Mastery Playbook, you start operating your day consciously. Because you’ve recited it over and over again. You don’t have to think about it. You just get things done and make magic happen. 

We’ve made it fun and highly satisfying to work on yourself and the Mastery Playbook is something you play with and enjoy every day. So, plug-it-in to play your life the way you want.

Cherish the true freedom of doing what you really want to do each and every day of your life!




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